You may be asking what do trees have to do with children’s feelings and/or social justice. This page is perhaps the most personal to me as I love, love, love trees.  I admit that including this page was an afterthought inspired by reading yet another picture book about a tree.  Upon reflection, however, I am certain that trees are related to both feelings and social justice.

For one thing, the first children’s story I wrote is about a willow tree (I haven’t tried to publish it yet).  To this day I miss the willow tree I used to have as a child.  I believe there are a vast number of people who can relate to forming emotional attachments with nature, whether a tree or something else.  This page is dedicated to those of us who share that experience.

For another thing, trees have a symbolic place in environmental law thanks to a famous law review article entitled “Should Trees Have Standing?” by Christopher D. Stone (1972) in which the author asked what rights might be given to inanimate objects in nature. Without getting too academic here, sometimes people who wish to protect nature have used the concept of environmental justice to do so.  Hence the trees and justice connection.

Hence here will be a list of picture books about trees.