Anh’s Anger (2009)

by Gail Silver (Author), Christianne Kromer (Illustrator)

From the Author’s Website:  “The first in a series of three books to suggest a mindful and meditative approach to anger resolution among children. Children experience anger on a regular basis, but can lack the skills to guide them through these difficult moments. In Anh’s Anger, five-year-old Anh becomes enraged when his grandfather interrupts playtime with a summons to the dinner table. When Anh’s grandfather takes the time to help Anh fully experience his anger by suggesting he go to his room and “sit with his anger,” Anh musters the courage to talk with his anger and discovers a positive method by which to work through his feelings. This book teaches children to both acknowledge and resolve their difficult emotions, making it an invaluable tool for parents and teachers alike.”

The Day Leo Said I Hate You! (

by Robie H. Harris (Author), Molly Bang (Illustrator)


Desmond and the Very Mean Word (

by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams (Authors), A.G. Ford (Illustrator)