Welcome to the Site

This website will have information, links, and resources for people who share my passion for picture books with heart.  There are many different kinds of heart.  Here I focus on books that relate to social justice and/or the world of children’s feelings.

Why are these my passions?  My background in psychology fuels my interest in helping children understand their feelings and cope with difficult situations.  My experience with nonprofit, environmental, and human rights law fires my commitment to exposing children to topics in social justice, which to me includes a broad range of issues.

While I hope to provide a valuable resource to readers who share my interests, I know it is not possible to catalog every book on these important topics.  I welcome you to share your recommendations for specific books and other online resources that I can link to from here.

Please recognize that this site is new and still very much under construction.  I hope you will check back to see how it grows.  In order to get up and running I am listing books that I may not have read yet and including either the author’s description or the book blurb as written on Amazon.com.  In the future I hope to provide my personal take on each book.

In the meantime, I wish you many hours spent with books that touch your heart.

Thanks for visiting!


“I’m a writer.  If you’re not feeling, I’m not doing it right.” May 27, 2016, @JK_Rowling

“If you’re not reading – with your heart as well as your brain . . . you’ll be missing out on one of the best experiences you can possibly have.” James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding